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By following their vision of communicating with the public through circus art, a group of circus artists formed the Primavez Collective in Lille, 2015.


Created by the students that had graduated from the Circus school of Carampa, after their ESAC and CRAC. The complicity that these students have both in life and on stage pushes them to grow together in their artistic projects. They share crazy stories, strong friendships and have similar passions!

The group carried out its first research laboratory in September 2015 at “Cirqu’en Cavale”. The artists created a show that regroups the individual acts that made them known, adapting them to the collective show and resulting in an evolution of their acts. They also bring their attention to themes that are close to heart, such as immigration, the position of women in society, equality and the increase in consumerism in society. Moreover, they all have had the need to leave their country in order to find their freedom as artists. They explore the human condition, whilst always adding humor, irony, an offbeat touch and poetry; all this thanks to and through circus, dance, theatre and with a lot of derision.

Today the collective conducts many artistic projects and performances of different types and for various audiences. They decided to work together because they weave strong relationships and stories together. This gives great complicity in life as well as on stage, which is very important in this profession.

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