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Do artists depend on their audience? Of course they do, this is the way it is. Without public there would be no show and vice versa. But.. can they depend physically too?

This is the challenge of Miguel Rubio.

His staging literally relies on the collaboration of his audience. Through their bodies and their gaze, 8 people become parted the scenery and support him throughout the show. Those who choose to offer their support will feel that really Miguel really depends on them to keep the mounting afloat.

This singular mix of disciplines such as Chinese Pole, dance, theatre and humor hides many surprises and it flows and develops into a tragicomedy covering a few unexpected events.


Playground is a comical and sometimes absurd spectacle that reaches up to 8 meters height. Miguel has been working in various companies and projects, performing in different scenarios. He created a unique staging structure, which completely relies on the public, in order to make his dream come true: performing the Chinese pole on the street. The result is a show which has the magic power to bring the pole anywhere for anyone to enjoy.

Information Playground

Concept, dramaturgy and staging: Miguel Rubio.

External look: Nacho Atienza.

Scenography: Miguel Rubio.

Administration: Lucile Rouxel.

Diffusion: Noe Iglesias and Oriane Piquot.

Production: Collectif Primavez.

Technical Details

Show for all public.

Duration of the show: 45 minutes, 2 possible representations per day.

Minimal space required: 6x6 meters, height 8 meters.

Circular stage.

Straight, smooth, flat ground and regular.

Total dimension with the public space 10x10 meters.

Installation Chinese Pole: autonomous.

Installation time: 1 hour.

Dismantling time: 1 hour.


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