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Les Petits Bonheurs 2018

Organized for 3 years by the agglomeration community of Béthune-Bray, the festival Les Petits Bonheurs is nomadically celebrated in the 13 cities of the agglomeration.

Its goal is to bring to encourage those whom they call the "Creators of Happiness" (the members of the Primavez Collective use the word "artists").

Circus performers Miguel and Oscar worked with a group in 2017, and then with five groups in 2018.

Cruising the agglomeration community with their blue truck, they undertook the creation of 5 artistic forms adapted to the specificities of each group. From a show in a tent, to burlesque interventions and surprises in school classes!

The Collective usually had around ten sessions to prepare these artists with profound and diverse personalities. Oscar and Miguel, armed with their spontaneity and creativity, quickly saw in each group unique creative possibilities. These possibilities were explored with them, without pre-made instruction manuals: everything comes from the present moment and the creative universe of the person. The directing circus performers are not there in order to attach meaning, but to include each person, together with their uniqueness.

For people living at a defined rhythm/routine within their structures, this experience with the Primavez Collective is also an opportunity to break habits. This was the case with one of the groups (2018) which was composed of residents of two specialized structures: that of Calonne Ricouart, which hosts people suffering from deafness, blindness and intellectual disability, and that of Gosnay, which hosts people with various motor and intellectual disorders.

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