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Laisse moi

A Chinese pole, two Chinese poles and a part for the public without whom this story could not have be on foot.

A show where bodies speak instead of words.

A story of meeting and a separation separation.

A story of a man and a woman.

A love story.

A story of the difficulty of being close to each other.

A story of the knowledge of the other and their differences. A story of sweetness.

A story of pain.

Do the artists depend on their audience? Yes, this is a reality. Without viewers there are not shows and vice versa. But... can they also depend physically? This is the challenge of Nely Carrasco and Miguel Rubio. His staging depends on the people who decide to support it, with his gaze and his physical body, seated about 16 chairs that are part of the scenery.

Those who choose to be my support, will feel that really depend on them to keep the mounting afloat. Acrobats occupying a particular space where they find the vertical (pole) and the horizontal (floor). In their work, Nely Carrasco and Miguel Rubio seek to mix these two spaces, they look for the fluency in gestures to have the same movement and quality on the ground and in the air.

Information Laisse-Moi


Concept, dramaturgy and performance: Nely Carrasco y Miguel Rubio.

Staging : Séverine Ragaigne.

Light Design: Vincent Maire.

Scenography : Miguel Rubio.

Photo: Gaby Merz, Jorge Sierra Antiñolo. 

Administration: Lucile Rouxel.

Prodution : Collectif Primavez.

Diffuion: Noe Iglesias and Oriane Hoog.


DRAC Nord Pas de Calais – Picardie.

Le Prato, Pôle National Cirque à Lille (59). Cirqu'en Cavale à Pernes en Artois (62). Culture à la Ferme à Beauquesne (80).


Supports for creation

Mairie de Lompret (59).Espace Catastrophe, Centre International de Création des Arts du Cirque de Bruxelles, Centre Régional des Arts du Cirque à Lomme (59).Ballet du Nord, Centre Chorégraphique National à Roubaix (59).Escuela de Circo Carampa de Madrid.Le Cirque du Bout du Monde à Lille (59).Danse Création à Marq en Baroeul (59).

Technical Details

Show for all public.

Duration : 50 minutos.

Minimum space needed : 8x8 metres, height 8 metres. Circular show. Right, smooth, flat and regular ground, total dimensions integrated public (10x10).

Installation of the Chinese pole: Autonomous.

Assembly time: 2 hours.

Disassembly time: 1 hours.

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