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Armed with suction cups, tutus, motorbike helmets and a unique list to complete, Ginés, Miguel and Máximo venture from one circus discipline to another. Playing the piano, bells, suction cups, guitar... everything becomes musicality and rhythm.


To make professional nonsense.

To unblock, to suck, to keep unblocking and even to get unblocked by the suction cup.

Their powerful imagination will lead them to transgress the rules imposed by themselves, in a whirlwind of possessions and shattering physical states, unblocking judgements and embarrassments. With their crazy spontaneity, always captivating, the three characters offer us a great doodle on stage and free us from what we have always been taught, without ever looking back! The stage space becomes a large blank canvas on which they introduce their fierce, joyful and disjointed fantasy. Let's set off on a cadenced journey, a disruptive list, in which the artists challenge themselves.

Information intudeWail

Concept, dramaturgy and staging: Máximo Pastor Lopez, Ginés Belchí Gabarrón and Miguel Rubio.

Administration: Lucile Rouxel.

Diffusion:  Noe Iglesias & Oriane Piquot.

Graphic Design : Javier Reta.

Production: Collectif Primavez.

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