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Sirkus, tsinyz paul, vodyz en moobmint, pleink vid ubyets, miuzikall ynztruemints ant kriatibiti dat waulcs de lyn bitwyn zwit matnes ant de krotesk.


Az fur de llimint, guer iz yt draun ?

Lyke xyldren, de to heartists xplor libink zeir cumfurt zon, tzoumpink entu de annown wail tranzportink de pabvlik entu zeir wail addvintiur…


De chow iz ei xild’s geim zat pazis phrom won zing two anoda,  guer de ownli roul iz de nessesiti two plei ant half phan…

… guer du oui fawl, two den pik auerxelfs ap egen

...ant ristart, indephynitlei ant wit yoy !


IntudeWail presents the need of the tree pluridisciplinary circus artists to work together, to ally their strengths and weaknesses, to connect with each other and the public. These two circus artists recycle the clichés that exist in circus, in the arts and most of all in life in order to offer something that is known to the public, while still giving a taste of the unknown…

Information IntudeWail

Concept, dramaturgy and staging: Máximo Pastor Lopez, Ginés Belchí Gabarrón and Miguel Rubio.

Administration: Lucile Rouxel.

Diffusion:  Noe Iglesias & Oriane Piquot.

Graphic Design : Javier Reta.

Production: Collectif Primavez.

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