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Into the fire

When we are confronted with ingenious and breath-taking, we feel this irresistible force of attraction called "fascination". This is what invites us to experience Miguel Rubio's show Into the Fire.


Fire has fascinated human kind for centuries. However, this show brings it to the next level. For twenty minutes, the artist hypnotizes, challenging the laws of gravity and transforming the viewers through passion, strength and dexterity. Their movements invite you into a trance and allow you to taste a bit of infinity.

Information Playground

Concept, dramaturgy and staging: Miguel Rubio.

External look: Nacho Atienza.

Administration: Camille Masy.

Diffusion: Noe Iglesias.

Production: Collectif Primavez.

Technical Details

Show for all public.

Duration of the show: 20 minutes.

Minimal space required: 6x6 meters, height 4 meters.

Circular stage.

Straight, smooth, flat ground and regular.

Total dimension with the public space 10x10 meters.

Installation time: 20 minutes.

Dismantling time: 10 minutes.

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