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Cabaret Primavez

The artists of Cabaret Primavez met during their training in Madrid and Brussels. In 2015, during the spring festival of Metalu A Chahuter (Lille) and Cirqu’en Cavale, they performed their first show. They discover a color they have in common: burlesque, and so present a cabaret.


This show may be presented indoors or outdoors – the show begins by mounting the portico and mats publicly in the latter.


Its unique characteristic is its transparency: public and performers exist together, in the here and now. The public is transported into the madness of the collective from the very first moments of setting up the performance. They love making people laugh and bringing them poetic moments.


In our project, the interaction with the public is of utmost importance. It is vital to find a complicity with the public, to transmit a raw and sincere emotion while keeping the characteristic burlesque vision of the project.

Information Cabaret Primavez


Concept, dramaturgy and performance: Daniel Esteban, Oscar de Nova, Miguel Rubio et Violette Wauters.

Staging : Nacho Atienza.

Photo: Fabien Debrabandere, Frederick Guerri. 

Administration: Camille Masy

Prodution : Collectif Primavez

Supports for creation

Mairie de Lompret (59). Le Prato, Pôle National des arts du cirque, Lille (59), Cirqu'en Cavale, Pernes en Artois (62), Centre Regional des Arts du Cirque, Lomme (59), Escuela de circo Carampa, Madrid, Espagne.

Technical Details

Show for all public.

Duration : 45 minutos.

Minimum space needed : 8x8 metres, height 8 metres. Circular show. Right, smooth, flat and regular ground, total dimensions integrated public (10x10)

Assembly time: 4 hours.

Disassembly time: 2 hours.

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