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Car Wash

Open the windows and let the joy into your car, just a few minutes to wash your heart and your dashboard!

Thanks to special effects, music and numerous personalised surprises, Car Wash will sweep you into a fiery swell of comedy until you are tamed... by shots of sponge.

A circus and theatre show drenched in joy, panache and playful frothy..

Technology at the service of comedy

One of the highlights of this show is the use of technology in the service of improvisation and comedy. Through a homemade device that allows the wireless transmission of any song or sound, Agro surprises and makes each improvisation more complete, selecting with dizzying speed the appropriate track for each moment that arises throughout the show.

Artistic Sheet

Idea and conception of the show: Luca Della Gatta
Directed by: Luca Della Gatta

Production: Collectif Primavez, Atelier Teatro Físico "Philip Radice"

Costumes: Simona Randazzo, Andrea Portioli

Technical Sheet

Car Wash is 40 minutes of untamed froth.

All audiences ready to be splashed by the comedy.

A show designed for the street, perfect for your roundabout, street, avenue...

Maximum 1 show per day.

Scenic space

Ideal: A square, promenade, street, avenue or roundabout. The flow of cars should be moderate and occasional so as not to create too many obstacles to traffic.

Set-up time

The set-up of the space and the artist’s make-up are part of the show, however it will be necessary for the artist to check the sound system prior to the start of the show.




Es conveniente que los organizadoIt is desirable that the organisers provide an additional sound system and connection to electricity through a normal 220V socket to power the microphone receiver with large jack input (6.35mm).

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